Corporate Speaking

Add a Company Perk to Meetings and Events. FunnyWorks’ Claire Berger can find humor in every business.  Even yours.  She has a knack for loosening up audiences in a wide range of button-downed industries – from insurance to healthcare to real estate.  All by finding the humanity in humor.  Her material works because she understands the workplace.  And knows how to make people comfortably laugh in the most corporate setting

A keynote speaker without the corporate speak.  Tired of nodding off?  When Claire takes the podium, audiences take notice and nod in recognition. She kicks an event into high gear with relatable comedy.  Well-researched, her presentations are consistently well received.  She adds spirit to every speaking engagement by getting in touch with the soul of your business.

Programs that connect with heart and humor.  FunnyWorks programs are designed to zero in on common bonds that click with audiences. Team-building events engage with equal opportunity interaction.  Breakout sessions break the ice and burst through barriers.  Energizing presentations add a comedic spark that moves a conference from commonplace to unconventional.

Custom-tailored material that makes an event eventful.  From the first point of contact, Claire makes a point of relating to your business.  It’s the shortest distance to reaching your audience.  Not a cookie cutter program, but a fresh approach that personalizes the material to make it memorable.

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