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January 2014 Blog- Dying for a Smile

Dying for a Smile

I watched a beautiful, touching story on CBS Sunday Morning about Chris Rosati, a man diagnosed with ALS who came up with an unusual way to make people smile. His plan was to steal a Krispy Kreme Donut truck, go to a school and give out free donuts.
Think Robin Hood with sugary snacks.
So Krispy Kreme hears about this crazy scheme from a Facebook post, contacts Chris and actually offers him a rig filled with donuts to help him complete his plan. Great Move Krispy Kreme! What a beautiful blast of positive PR and goodwill and all it cost you was gas and donuts.
So this story got me thinking about my own crazy happiness fantasies. What random act of kindness could I actually do that would make people happy?
Admit it, you’ve had these fantasies too.
Unfortunately, it took Chris’ ALS for people (and Krispy Kreme) to rally around this plan and for CBS to air his story.
Should it take a life altering/threatening disease for us to take our happiness fantasies seriously?
Might it be possible for Chris’s story to inspire us to figure out ways we can spread happiness while we are still healthy?
So, here’s the challenge: what are YOUR plans for spreading happiness this year? Pick one plan that is rooted in reality and make it happen.
It’s not too late to make this one of your 2014 resolutions.
On behalf of all the people who will benefit from your acts of kindness, THANK YOU! You’ve made the world a better place, one smile at a time.

Laughing All the Way to Your Next Job Interview

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing funny about being out of work. I should know. As an independent contractor, my job is basically looking for a job. When I have a  job, I am in heaven. I try to stay in the moment but that nagging  little voice in my head kept saying “You